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Framer Studio

Framer studio is an interactive prototype creation tool.

Basically, you import assets and create your prototype with CoffeeScript, while checking the result in real time :


UXDesign and IxDesign

As a UX designer, I find it essential to see the user experience as a whole. On a UI level, it often means thinking about the information architecture, about the content layout, about content itself... But user interactions should never be left aside.

Those interactions facilitate the UI understanding while making the experience more vivid and tangible.

High definition prototypes

Framer is one of the many existing prototyping tools. Whats makes it original compared to others like Invision or MarvelApp is that being based on code, it allows you to craft the most refined interactions. Your prototype can get very close to a real product, and therefor be a great tool for demonstration or efficient user testing.


Teaching Framer

Being able to produce high quality prototypes is a key challenge for UX designers. That's why I've taken up to spread my knowledge of Framer across my agency. That course was intended for designers, and designers are sometimes reluctant to dive into code. 

To overcome such reticence, I chose to emphasize the fun part of coding while keeping it very simple, one step at a time.

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