Master Web Éditorial

Redesign the Web Editorial Master's Degree's website

For my final year project, I chose an ambitious project and a real client. I wanted to use all the skills I acquiered through my studies (UX design, graphic design, front and back web development, SEO...), so I offered to work on my Master's degree's website, on behalf of the University of Poitiers.

Three major challenges :

  1. Convey the real identity of the Master's degree through visual design, 
  2. rethink the content to make it more interesting and relevant,
  3. allow quick and simple updates.

A modern identity

The existing website was no longer compliant to the web standards, wich can be a real problem for a web specialised Master's degree.

Before / after :


More interesting and more relevant

The existing website offered information about the program, the jobs we could aim for and a list of the alumni, but it lacked recent, practical content. 

To solve this problem, I suggested to add students testimonials, and to showcase the students projects. We also chose to add information about the teachers and interveners, who are one of the Master's degree strong points.


Efficient back office

Rich and relevant content is a great place to start, but it also needs to be up-to-date. On the previous website, updating the content was tedious and time consuming.

On of the major challenges of the project as to customize the CMS so that the content could be efficiently managed. For every data type (student, teacher, project), I created a custom post type with adequate text fields. For example, to add the last students' projects, one only has to add an "porject" item and fill the name, description, author... The CMS then generate the corresponding content and adds it to the website.

Thanks to this back-office work, the website is still alive and receive regular updates.

Adaptative website

The new website can now be displayed on desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphones.