Yellow Korner

Yellow Korner : responsive redesign

This project was conducted by the Nealite agency, for Yellow Korner.

Yellow Korner called upon us to completely redesign their e-commerce website. The goal : reproducing the galleries atmosphere and show the photographs as real pieces of art and not simply pictures on a website. The other main issue was improving the understanding of the multiple finishing and size options, in order to avoid disappointment and frustration upon reception.

The results ? +50% on the annual turnover!

Client verbatim : 

« La refonte ergonomique du site nous a permis de mettre en œuvre notre stratégie digitale et multicanale. La meilleure conception du site nous a permis d’animer de façon scalable un site pertinent sur 15 territoires. Sur 2015 vs 2014, on constate une augmentation de 70% de chiffre d’affaires international.

Par ailleurs, le site proposant une expérience optimisée sur mobile, nous avons pu investir de façon rentable en moyens moteurs, notamment social media. Ces deux facteurs combinés nous ont permis d’avoir une croissance de près de plus de 50% du chiffre d’affaires sur 2015 vs 2014, et de pousser de façon significative les services multicanaux au service de nos galeries. »

Field study

The first thing we did was visiting a gallery in order to feel the atmosphere and understand the in-store experience. We satyed for a while, acting like curious prospects.

That role-playing phase was really helpful, especially when it came to understanding our client's business and constraints.



The whole project was conducted in immersion, within Yellow Korner's workplace. Thanks to this relocation, our team was able to communicate efficiently and collaborate with the client's team on a daily basis.

Project framework

Before starting to sketch anything, we built a concept model to identify the key parts of the website we were about to redesign. We down the different user journeys and all the corresponding issues, and then conducted workshop to find solutions.


User interface design

The next step was information architecture, and then crafting the user interface. We began with paper and markers, and then move to Balsamiq Mockups.



All through this project, we worked in very close collaboration with the art director (the one in charge of the graphic design phase of the project). A rewarding collaboration, that helped us resolve the at-related issues and avoid some responsive pitfalls.

In the end, we created a website that reflects Yellow Korner's identity and offers a simple and efficient user experience.